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Take Your Fitness Training To The Next Level, with online programs designed to meet your lifestyle needs.

Everything you need to be successful is at the finger tip of your mobile devices!

This is what you get with online access!

  • 7,500+ Exercises

Choose from our extensive video library of exercises!

Find fitness program with exercises , schedule and video instructions

Select from over 350 workouts!

  • 600,000+ Food Items

Supermarkets, restaurants or supplements, we've got you covered!

Bar-code Scanner

Scan items of food or drink quickly when creating or logging nutrition plans.

  • Macro Calculator

Just let us know what your clients want to achieve and we'll calculate their macros for you!

  • Cancel Anytime

Flexible easy come, easy go approach. I’m confident that my service will be perfect for you

  • Fitness Challenges

Complete fitness challenges to earn credits which = $$$$ to purchase services!

  • Access to Coach Keven

If you have a question and need guidance you can message Coach Keven 24/7 ( reply within  24hrs or less )

There's something for everyone and if you can't find it them let Coach Keven help you design it.

  • Workouts, we got you
  • Meal Plans, we got you ( designed by Registered Dietitians ) Keto, Low-carb, Paleo,  Pescatarian , Vegan, Vegetarian, Soy Free, Gluten Free, etc.
  • Instructions video and written
  • Program schedules we got you covered
  • Facebook group with recipes , fitness tips , etc. 



It's simple sign up use this link . Or you can just simple select a program that suited best for your individual needs below!

  1. Create profile
  2. Answer PARQ questions
  3. Download app !

For apple user go to app store and download "mypthub" sign in and you will be connected to Bodimatrix the logo will then switch over to BODIMATRIX logo. It's that simple!

For Android phones click on link :