The Skinny On Big Booty

" Baby Got Back" and some " Don't Got Back." 

Ladies if you go on many sites showing exercises that try to convince you that certain workout can do what's shown in the pic below, you may be sadly disappointed.

There only a few things that play a part in the way your booty looks.

  1. Genetics
  2. plastic surgery
  3. A miracle from God, which takes us back to bullet point one.  If you are trying to obtain more girth on your booty sometimes you may have to learn to work with what God gave you. Yes, some exercises can help you lift your butt and tone it, but that again is working with what God gave you.
  4. Wearing the right clothing can help with the appearance of how your booty looks on the exterior.

Studio shot of a group of attractive young women posing together against a gray background

Athletic jeans priced at $129.00

I know self-image is important to many people out there and what we see in the media can sometimes skew those views. All you see on some site are " do these exercises and grow your butt" or whatever pitch they through at you, but 9 times out of ten most women will be disappointed with the end results. Be careful when looking at different posts promising to help you make a change to your body that may be unrealistic.

<<<<<<<Genetics and some hard work play a part for the woman shown here. In my over 15yrs of fitness training have I ever told a female client that doing "xyz" exercises would take you from a 25" booty to a 34 " booty. It's just not going to happen in MOST CASES!

In closing, love yourself, learn to love what you have been blessed with, and try not to compare yourself to others. Those that truly love you will always love you no matter how you look! And as always if you need help with a lower-body routine please feel free to reach out!


Short Lower Body Workout Below


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