I put this page together for those women that are 30 and older or that struggle to stay motivated and have a desire to be stronger, to be more fit  but may not have access to a gym membership because of various reasons.

I like to keep things simple and short ( except in these intro paragraphs lol ) so other than my Ebooks most of the above mentioned tools will be clickable links. I’ve been in the fitness business for over 15 yrs and at 53 years of age I’m still able to do push ups, run, pull ups and a number of body-weight exercises.  The exercises I use on my clients can be done anywhere.

Now the crazy part,  being a man , not a woman I know some of ladies might be WTF! is this guy just using this page to pick up women...NO i'm not lol! No, I've never given birth nor have a breast fed, but what i have done is , I've been a stay-at-home father for many years when my kids were young. So one thing I have experienced are the challenges of managing a house hold while building a fitness business and my wife traveling for work sometime days or even a full week. 

I know what it's like to get the one kid up for school while caring for a 6 month old baby as well. Taking the kids to gymnastics , karate,  making sure school projects are done getting dinner prepped and on and on. Oh, not to mention volunteering at school and being volunteered as a field trip chaperone ( given all the challenging boys to be in charge of lol) .  I know how time and convenience becomes paramount in your day to day life.

Whether it time, the expense or you don’t like the gym scene you shouldn’t let it stop you from achieving your fitness and health goals.  Here you will have access to 4 tools to help you get to your goals regarding your fitness, wellness and health. Please feel free to reach out to me about any questions you may have concerning your fitness at 30 and older .

As a certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Personal Fitness Chef , Personal Fitness Nutrition Coach I'm here to help anyway I can and If I don't know the answer I will do my best to find out.

Here are a list of thing you will have access to:

    1. Weekly fitness routine you can do anywhere
    2. Weekly kitchen/shopping tips
    3. Weekly recipes
    4. Ebooks which will focus on wellness and/or fitness tips
    5. Blogs/Vlogs
    6. Articles of additional resources


Lastly, not one of us is perfect and you may see typos, bloppers when I do my Vlogs or when I make a fitness video. If you do see it just pretend you didn’t lol. I do believe we should all be able to laugh at ourselves.

If you have any questions or concerns , please feel free to reach out to me.

Your friend and coach,


All programs are customized to fit your needs as a woman. Program starts June 1, 2020
• 30 minute phone consultation ** PLEASE COMPLETE THIS STEP FIRST**
• 4 weeks of a customized nutrition plan macros
• 4 weeks of customized Anywhere Fitness Workouts
• 4 live steamed fitness workouts ( time to be determined based on group turn        out).
• 4 weeks follow up video or phone call ( 1 per week )
• 4 Week body measurement guide
• 4 Weekly recipes
• Smoothie recipe guide
• Access to your coach app messenger, from 7am-7pm , 7 days per week

Join between 5/13 - 5/31 and get 40% off $125.00 ( $75.00 discounted price )

Weekly Fitness Routine

Weekly Ebook,Blog & Programs

Weekly Recipe

Weekly Shopping & Kitchen Tips

Here's a great article to read !

Exercises for Women Over 60 | Livestrong.com

It seems that at every stage of life, a woman's body is changing - and your fitness routine has to change along with it. If you're in your 60s, you've survived puberty through menopause (hooray!).


Great read for you ladies!

Deltoid Exercises for Women | Livestrong.com

The deltoid muscle of the shoulder consists of three heads: the anterior or front, the medial or side and the posterior or rear deltoids. Women should aim to strengthen these muscles by performing deltoid exercises, which will improve their shoulder range of motion and shoulder function.


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