Balcony Boot Camp #5 1 YouTube play

Bodiblast workouts are designed to be done anywhere and with minimal equipment. Doesn't matter whether you're traveling for business, at home , in a park or at your office , all you need is 10-20 minutes and a space big enough to lay down in.

All workouts take will be no longer than 20 minutes and are designed to maximize time and to be efficient and results driven. The days of needing to workout for hours are no longer needed.  Yes, if you're training for a competition or you are an athlete, of course, you will sometimes need to train longer , but for the person that just wants to get fit, stay fit or improve their fitness level then BODIBLAST workouts right for you. My workouts focus on building muscle & cardiovascular endurance ans well as gaining strength without gaining the bulk.

All my BODIBLAST workouts are done either on my balcony which is a 5 x 25 area of my 650 SF apartment, now that's tight! Now what do you need , just your body, maybe a cpl cans of veggie, 16.9L bottle of water or some exercises bands ( I recommend bands ).   That's all there is to it.