Be smart during the holidays

Ok, the holiday season is now upon us… what’s your plan to stay on track with your fitness goals? The holiday season is a time for family ,friends ,FOOD & DRINKS. How you handle yourself during this time will determine your success after the holidays. Listen , must of us want to enjoy the holidays , which is perfectly fine,but have a plan in place. If you know you love desserts then you might want to cut back on the stuffing or alcohol. It’s little things like that you can do. Find out what’s on the menu if you’re not cooking and plan your meal.

Another thing you can do to stay on track is remain active. If you’re visiting family members go for a walk if you’re not near a gym. If it’s too cold outside to go for a walk you can always do squats, lunges, push-ups, sit ups or planks. If you’re watching a TV show do touch and go squats. During commercials while sitting on sofa stand up and sit back down during commercials.Another thing you can do is a 2-3 day detox prior to a holiday feast. Try consuming fruits, whole grains and veggies only 2-3 days prior to that holiday spread. Always remember the things that you can control! If you need suggestions or help reach out to me .

Your friend and coach,