What works for you may not work for another!

It's 2018 and many of us are trying to commit to a healthier lifestyle . You probably have seen many commercials that are geared toward weight loss. So what should you do? Should you used per-packaged foods that state you will loss "x" amount of weight in "x" amount of days. So you try calories reduction and higher caloric burn workouts? What's the answer to this dilemma? The answer is what works for you may not work for another and vice versa.

Listen we are all unique creatures with different genetic make-ups! I can safely  tell you , after 15yrs of being in the fitness industry when it comes to fitness and nutrition there is no cookie cutter routine or meal plan that works for everyone.  Fitness is a bit more straight forward than nutrition.  When is comes to fitness I can bet you a $1000 that if you consistently do push-up you will get stronger and push-up form will get better. However, nutrition is a different animal and you have to find your "sweet spot"... no pun intended.

For myself and my wife we have found that intermittent fasting ( IF ) and a Keto lifestyle is our "sweet spot". Keto lifestyle is a low carb ( 20-30g per day ), moderate protein and high fat. Percentage of your macro-nutrients would be as follows: 5-7% carbs, 25% protien and about 75% fat.. Keep in mind as I stated earlier that eveyone is different and you may need to make adjustments based on your fitness goal and how your body responds to Keto.

When I started January 1, 2018, I weighed 183.5 ,30 days later I'm at 172.5-174 ( weight fluctuates ) which I'm fine with. I typically eat my last meal between 7-9p depending on whether or not I have clients late in the evening.  The following day I will eat my first meal between 12 and 3pm, again depending on my client load.  I found that this has helped me improved my blood glucose levels ( 65-75 daily )and my blood pressure remains  around 117/63-73 to 124/60's-low 70's ( after workouts ) .  Percentage of body fat remains around 15-17% ( will be 51 Feb 23rd, 2018 ). Now for me, I'm happy with those numbers and know this works for me. You may have a different goal in mind , just be realistic!

I must stress that I do not have serious medical issues and I'm in very good physical health nor have I ever been truly overweight . I also played sport throughout my from elementary school through high school years and continued working out until now. So why am I telling you this , well I never recommend any type of lifestyle unless I've tried it myself. Is it challenging fasting at time, yes? Is doing a Keto lifestyle hard ? Do i have cravings ? Well the answer to this is yes it can be hard and yes I do have cravings. Because I personally have a plan it works well with my lifestyle and the results are great. I also have a few clients that are using this plan and they have lost 11-15lbs in the lest 4 weeks. 

I won't get into all the science of Keto , but I can tell you it works. Do some research on your own. There are many sites that can give you info and offer a 7 and 14 day plan. I would recommend www.tasteaholics.com as a place to start and read article on Keto and IF.

Remember to have fun and be safe i your journey,

Your friend and coach,


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